Here Comes Push Up Bras

Today is Day 2 of the countdown of the 12 Days of Christmas. I present another one of your most beloved holiday songs and recreate it as a parody that is probably crass, dirty, disgusting, offensive, or politically incorrect. For the 2nd Day of Christmas I give you:

Here Comes Push Up Bras (Sung to the tune of “Here Comes Santa Claus”)

Here comes push up bras

Here comes push up bras

In the sales bins

Victoria Secret’s marked them down

As clearance sale items

Hear those workmen cheer and whistle

At your firm headlights

Don’t hang your boobies down to there

Buy push up bras soon tonightHere Comes Push Up Bras



Filed under Holidays, Humor, Parody, Satire

2 responses to “Here Comes Push Up Bras

  1. Hahaha once again. I was looking for a new Christmas song. I’m glad I don’t need a push up bra but once upon a time I did.

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