The First No “L”

No-LToday is Day 8 of the countdown of the 12 Days of Christmas. I present another one of your most beloved holiday songs and recreate it as a parody that is probably crass, dirty, disgusting, offensive, or politically incorrect. Although I encourage my parodies to be sung out loud, for this one you should definitely read along to get the meaning. So… for the 8th Day of Christmas I bring you:

The First No “L” (sung to the tune of “The First Noel”)

Angels = AngesThe First No “L” the ANGELS did say:

Several cherubs complained they don’t like our new name (ANGES)

Is the “G” pronounced “J?” Or is it pronounced “G?”

Can’t you just call us “HOBBITS” like “Lord of the Rings?”

No “L,” No “L,” No “L,” No “L,”

Who is now “HE” since “HE” used to be “HELL?”

Gold = GodThe Wise Men brought frankincense and some myrrh

But they kept all the GOLD and split it together

Without the “L” we’ve just brought you “GOD”

So Jesus, you’re broke. You had best get a jobcarpenter

No “L,” No “L,” No “L,” No “L,”

Who is now “HE” since “HE” used to be “HELL?”

Hell = He


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One response to “The First No “L”

  1. Sometimes your mind is an interesting (but dangerous) place to visit. Keep the blogs coming.

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