Frosty the Lecherous Snowman

Today is Day 9 of the countdown of the 12 Days of Christmas. I present another one of your most beloved holiday songs and recreate it as a parody that is probably crass, dirty, disgusting, offensive, or politically incorrect. This one is particularly raunchy. I’m not sure if I should be more proud or embarrassed.

For the 9th Day of Christmas I bring you:

Frosty the Lecherous Snowman

Frosty the Snowman had a very crappy soul

He would date women and use all them

To inflate his large ego


Frosty the Snowman was no fairy, so he’d say

He was chilled like snow and he seemed so cold

To the ladies on a date


There must have been some tragic end

That caused him to rebound

For every time he found a mate

He began to fool around


Frosty the Snowman thought that he was a hot lay

So he said, “Come Hun,” and “We’ll have some fun”

Before I run away


Down to the nightclub with his Visa in his hand

Touching here and there any woman’s bare –

– Skinned leg with his firm gland


He leads girls to his dark condo

And then climbs right on top

And hates to pause the moment when

The girls all holler STOP!


Frosty the Snowman always hurries on his way

And he waves goodbye and grabs a thigh, saying

“I’ll call you someday”


Thumpity thump thump

Thumpity thump thump

Then puts on his clothes

Thumpity thump thump

Thumpity thump thump

He has his fun then goes

Frosty the Lecherous Snowman


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One response to “Frosty the Lecherous Snowman

  1. This is why I insist that all snowmen built on my property must wear pants!

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